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Xuanshuo manufacturing is based on different manufacturing technique, customized homologous device solutions

  • SMD-LED Testing solutions   In the production of LED,Its consistency by chip and encapsulation of f......
  • Intelligent automatic LED bulk patch technology Multi-function placement machine subverted the trad......
  • Intelligent automatic stamping Most of the shell of lamps and lanterns, hardware devices, etc to stamping form......
  • Intelligent manufacturing system solutions The biggest characteristic of automatic production line is its comp......
  • Lithium automation solutions New energy industry, especially the rise of new energy automotive industry, power......
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Xuanshuo manufacturing——Industry 4.0 intelligent scheme provider,customized homologous device solutions
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Shenzhen Xuanshuo intelligent manufacturing technology Co.,ltd, was established in 2010,high and new tech enterprises in our country,LED industry top ten technology leader,famous brand of Guangdong province,Shenzhen well-known brands.

Company business covers LED sub-banding Division, non-standard automation division, intelligent production line business, lithium new energy business. November 2016 Guangdong Zhengye Technology Co., Ltd. successfully merged with Xuanshuo Company (stock code 300410).

We are based on our great resource superiority, keeping high-speed increase,break through one by one year,always surpassing,composing China’s new chapter in”automatic, intelligent equipment field”.


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Xuanshuo provide almost 30 listed companies with automatic、 intelligent solution
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